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From Tim:

It’s with great regret that we announce the departure of Tim Arnold.   We part as nothing but the best of friends and wish nothing but the best for him.  This has been a difficult and mutual decision, largely based on Tim’s recent move to Atlanta in order to start a family.  

Good Old War is currently in midst of making what we think is our most exciting album to date, including some songs that Tim has written with us.  We’ll be recording them in Nashville next month and will soon announce a Pledge campaign, where we hope to let you in on the making of the album, every step of the way.  We hope to be on tour this Fall!

From Tim:

"I regret to inform everyone that I will not continue on as a member of Good Old War.  Life tends to happen and sometimes you’ve got to do what makes the most sense, and in this case focusing on my love and the little love in her belly is the most important thing in mine.  Maybe down the road I’ll be back on tour with these two fine gentlemen, but for now I have to step down and relinquish my command as designated beat maker/harmonizer for Good Old War.  I’ll miss the music, I’ll miss the people.  Thanks for all the good times, people!!!"

We wish him the very best and even if he isn’t in the band, Tim will always be family.

Keith & Dan

Thanks Songza for adding “Better Weather” to the “Washed by the Water” playlist!! Go here to listen!

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